Taiji Dolphins; The inhumanity continues

Original written on 26th January 2014 and updated

Dolphins captured in the notorious drive hunt at Taiji, Japan are transferred from Taiji Whale Museum to Dalien, China by truck and air. The earnings from sale of dolphins is one of the main supports for the brutal dolphin drive. Taiwan and Egypt are other countries that still help to fund this ritual.

Warning – The footage is upsetting as the surviving traumatised Dolphins are transported.

Update, in 2023 the drive hunt still takes place. I won’t go into detail here but urge all to watch the 2009 documentary ‘The Cove’ featuring the great activist Ric O’Barry and filmed over 5 years. This film and the disgrace it shows is, unfortunately, just as relevant today

Please read the in-depth Wikipedia page and please support all who are shining a light on this ongoing torture. A good place to start is The International Marine Mammal Project

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