Let the Earth Provide Part 1

Since the mid eighties I lived in a village in North Yorkshire and next to the house was an unused piece of land. Many events occurred during that time, the main being that my mind was not on humans effect on their environment. As those years passed I did learn the history of the piece of land. Finding out that a developer tried to pass quite a few houses on it. Thankfully these were not passed and as a result adjoining land was entered into a trust as punishment. This, for me, proves my belief. That greed and selfishness go hand in hand.

I see it today in greenfield that is not far from this piece of land. A village has had developers build and attempt to have large housing projects passed. This is in an AONB (area of outstanding national beauty). This last point should be removed from that area. It, in my view, was destroyed years before. My concern now is that houses should be build both carbon neutral and sustainable. This is easy to achieve, as like developments in Scotland and Canada. Unfortunately the hand of greed grabs land to build cheaply and sell high. It is a cycle that has continued to get worse in England.

It was time to decide what to do. The idea was to use the land sparingly at the beginning. Drainage was not an issue due to this being alleviated years before. So it was a blank canvas as the photographs below attest to. My partner, Julia, and I were very lucky to be able to start a journey in this way. Little did I know it would also spark a passion that would open my eyes further.

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